Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Man Camp video

Here is the video from Jace's trip to camp. He is a star in this video, received a lot more screen time than Rayna.  Click this link if you can't see it in the email.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Camp Video

Here is the video they made of Rayna's church camp week.  If you can't see it in the email, click here to watch it on youtube.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Band concert, Middle school and summer stuff

I got some good pictures from the band concert!  We got front row seats but I ended up taking all the pictures BEFORE the concert instead of during.  The blonde girl is Morgan, one of Rayna's BFF's. She lives 2 doors down from our old house.

Turns out that Morgan took golf lessons last year at Highlands, just a different week than Rayna went.  This year we are coordinating the weeks so Rayna has a friend! (Grandpa, you should go sign her up for Barb ;)) Morgan and Rayna will be going to volleyball camp together as well!  Morgan and Alyssa are also interested in taking tennis lessons at the Highlands park with Rayna. Then Alyssa and Rayna are going to spend a week at a "real" summer camp.  Camp Fontenelle by the river in Omaha.  Rayna is scared to death LOL. However, our pastor is leading this session so she will have a familiar adult and Alyssa :)  Should help break up her summer so she's not stuck at the stupid Y the whole time.  The Y is offering a tennis camp and a golf team this year! Tennis camp is the same week they are on vacation with grandma and it just meets in the evenings.  Maybe she'll be more interested in a golf team next year.
Jace will be doing a couple weeks of Running Creek camp through the Y, they meet at parks instead of being stuck at the stupid Y.  I'm trying to talk him into a baseball camp. Otherwise, he's just stuck at the stupid Y.  :)
They also have 4th of July week with grandma Ann.  I bought them KFOR fun passes from the school with some discounted activities coupons so they can get grandma out of the house for some fun!  I can't believe summer is almost here!
We also had our first tour of Schoo Middle school (OMG). We heard from the principal and several teachers & professional staff.  Were introduced to the 1:1 device.  Each 2015 6th grader will be assigned their own Chromebook to use for the rest of their school career.  They will be the first and only grade to get these devices this year.  The following year 6th graders will get them and so on... Those currently in 6-11 grade will not get the same privileges!  What a great time to be headed into 6th grade!  A lot of their "text books" will be online now, which is nice that parents can see them too. Currently, they don't get to bring text books home.  Rayna, Morgan, & Avery all signed up to go to "Skyhawk Camp" at the end of July together.  They spend half a day at Schoo with peer advisors. They get a longer tour, find their lockers, do a scavenger hunt to find their way around, walk through the lunch process and have some ice breaking games.  I'm super impressed with this!  Just what my nervous Nelly needs!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Game Day Pix!

We had a Volleyball double header (1 win & 1 loss) and a Soccer game all back to back today.  Both kids played awesome! Rayna was really sad last week that she didn't get much play time and when she was in, never got the ball.  This week she made up for it!  She played most of all games and did amazing!  She served an 8 point run and had lots of ball time and great hits.  We practiced "setting" the ball when at the net, her team always bumps at the net and they end up IN the net.  I showed her the geometry of it, you're too close, it can't go OVER the net.  She set it several times and even set it over a couple times!  She genuinely tries and listens to improve. Grandpa, with the advice of Barb, had her move her ball to her right when serving instead of right in front of her, big improvement!

The gyms are soooo dark I have a hard time getting good action pictures of her.  I feel for the sports journalist photographers covering the high school games!

Jace also had a lot of play time this game, I got some great pictures.  Although he is not the best player, he does pretty darn good for someone who started playing at 9.  

And this managed to happen

Walking on air!
 Click on the pictures to see them full sized and you'll get some great game faces :)

Tuesday we have the final band concert so hopefully I'll have more pictures.  The gym is again too dark and too crowded to really get good pix :(

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Read A Thon & Spring sports and stuff

Click here to read this online

I'm super, super late posting this!  Thank you everyone for contributing to the Read A Thon!  Each kid raised $100!  The school didn't quite make their goal of $12,000 but came in at just over $10K.  They went ahead and ordered as many iPads as they could!  Word is that they should be arriving any day.  Rayna managed to earn a spot at the rock star party for top money raisers.  They had a party and a limo ride!  Here are some pictures from that afternoon.

Jace must have had some big fundraisers in his grade and he didn't make the party, but he did win a nice pair of polarized sunglasses from our eye doctor (corporate sponsor).  He also won a bunch of coupons for ice cream treats from Amigos and Runza but he reluctantly had to give those to Rayna :(

Jace is full into his soccer season.  Luckily, we've had awesome weather!  This week has been rainy and even sleety today so hopefully the weekend will look better.  Here are a couple pictures

Lastly, I had my foundation repair done!  It went well.  They came in at 8:15 Thursday morning and dug out, installed the piers and by 4:30 they were lifting the foundation.  It had sunk 1.75 inches and they lifted it 1.25 inches.  I'm nearly back to level.  Friday they also water/vapor proofed the exposed wall and insulated with 5 inch foam sheets.  Filled in the dirt and fixed my sprinklers and left by 2 on Friday afternoon. Now I have landscaping to do and once the house settles back to level, I can start drywall repair and painting.  They also added a rubber spacer in my driveway.  One of my issues was that the perpendicular street was pushing my driveway into my foundation and pushing my house off the footings.  Every time a bus drove by, my house shook.  That should not happen.  Now with a 4 inch gap in my driveway cushioned by a 4 inch rubber insert, I don't feel the bus!  That should also prevent future damage.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Read A Thon

I just mailed the family emails for the kids Read A Thon.  This my favorite fundraiser because 100% of the money goes to the school!  And I don't have to buy any crap or junk food we can't eat anyway! The school wants to raise $12,000 to buy 29 iPads and bring the school into the millennium.  You can donate through the link on your email or in person/mail.  We really appreciate your support!

Here are details regarding the necessity of this purchase even if the new technology plan passes the school board.....the plan calls for a device per child in grades 3-5 which would be implemented in 2016-2017 and in 2017-2018 mini-labs of four touch devices would be in each K-2 classroom.  This will be wonderful and we look forward to adding technology to our school, however, the iPad lab will still meet a need, even once the plan has been implemented.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ski Trip

So I see it's been like 6 months since I last blogged, funny how life gets away from you.  Most of you know that the kids are in Colorado skiing with Keith and his family this weekend.  Saturday the kids spent all day at Ski Camp.  They learned to ski!  I'm glad they had the opportunity and proud of what they accomplished.  Here are the results.  Focus on the center of the screen, you'll see Rayna come in with her hot pink coat.  Jace is just behind her on the right side of the screen.

You may need to click here to go to the blog and see it, not sure if it will work in the email notification.

The kids also had the chance to ice skate, apparently Jace had some difficulty ;)

They travel home tomorrow and will arrive about dinner time or bed time.  I'll see them Tuesday night.
In other news, I sign my life away tomorrow for having my foundation fixed :/

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fundraising time again!

Oh you know, 5 weeks into the school year and they want/need your money :)
The school's fall fundraiser is a walk a thon.  100% of the money donated goes to the school, no crap to buy!  Those who haven't already donated just received an email from us with an online donation link.  The kids are hoping to raise at least $30 each so they can pick out a small prize.

Jace is back in boy scouts and of course they are selling popcorn.  Since Jace can't eat most of their products and we've greatly cut back on sugary snacks (and overpriced fundraisers) we are soliciting cash donations in lieu of selling unhealthy, overpriced products.  Small donations such as $5 would probably be more than they make on the sale of most of their products. Consider if you'd wish to contribute.  Checks can be made out to Pack 56.

Rayna is doing Girls on the Run and although I haven't received any information about their fundraiser yet, I'm sure that will be coming soon.  In previous years they were looking for small donations of less than $10/per contributor.  Please consider supporting her.

Thanks everyone, we really really really appreciate your support!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

It's volleyball time!

Rayna started her volleyball clinic today.  It goes for the next three Sundays which does overlap her season.  She was very nervous about going to the clinic, it's at East High so it was a new building to her.  None of her friends from her team signed up.  Luckily her friend from school, Calleigh was there!  Once she had Calleigh, she was good. They got a cute hot pink dry fit shirt with the clinic.  It's being held by a club from Omaha.  They have one Pius girl and 3 Omaha Central girls plus a husband and wife running the clinic.  I watched the last 15 minutes today and it looked like fun.
The first game is next Sunday, the 14th.  Here is a link to her schedule.  Her team is Sugar N Spikes.  She'll have some weeks that she has 2 games in one day!  I don't know if mom is up to this :)

This past week we had conferences already!  We joked that the teachers don't even know their names yet, it's too early for conferences!  Both kids had good reviews regardless.  They both need to slow down on their math problems, but hey, we're not even in the groove of the school year yet.
We received the results from the NESA testing Rayna did last year.  We have a smart little girl on our hands!  She scored in the 90-98 percentile on all the areas. She blew the state and district averages away.  We know she tried really hard and was really nervous for those tests.  Couldn't be more proud!

Jace has somewhat changed his mind and decided to do Cub Scouts again.  They have a new leader so he's hopeful it will be a better experience.  Keith had promised Jace he'll be a better scout dad too if Jace is going to give it a shot. They had their first meeting last week.  They had a little contest involving throwing a ball.  Jace won the contest with ease, we'll thank papa Chuck for the baseball practice for that achievement :)

I think that catches us up for the month, get ready for some volleyball!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

End of summer

Here we are at the end of summer, time for an update before back to school.  Here are the pictures from Jace's last baseball game. The coach wanted to take this team to Babe Ruth team, but I think we'll pass. Another year of Y ball will be good for him before we have to invest too much resources. 

Here are the at bats I captured.  See how he's bailing his coach (the pitcher) out, swinging at a ball that's going to bounce on the plate?  He just wants to hit it sooo bad :)  He did hit this and got on base

The next at bat, good stance ready for that swing...oh no, that one bounced on the plate too :(

Next we had Rayna's family birthday party.  We ate at Toast in Fallbrook so she could have salmon.  Then came back to our house for gifts and sweets.  
 Sporting supplies from Aunt Barb...

New shoes from dad and Cheri

A new backpack for school...

Lori, you have some mail in here... OH Katy Perry tickets! OMG! She can't wait!

Rayna has been all about sports this summer which is nice to see her expanding her horizons.  She loved her weeks at golf camp and volleyball camp.  She came home from volleyball camp and made sure I registered her for the Y season.  Which I did.  She also wanted to play soccer.  Her two BFF's play soccer at recess so I think she'd like to play with them and know what she's doing. So we had her all signed up for soccer when...
This weekend she was asked to play on a Spirit volleyball team.  This is the "select" teams of the Y.  Her friend Morgan's mom coaches a team and they lost a couple girls this year.  Rayna spent the night over there and Tracy asked if she had any interest in playing volleyball.  Rayna being shy said yeah, kinda.  Then I got a phone call asking what I thought.  I told Tracy that Rayna would love to play with Morgan and the other girls she knows on the team and know she likes her coach... but she's never played before.  Tracy said she's ok with that.  They aren't all about winning or super competitive and she has the ability in spirit league to play positions so she can play up their strengths.  So today I unregistered her from soccer and the regular Y volleyball and enrolled her in the spirit team!  I also enrolled her in a Pre-Season skills clinic. Although it's pre season for the regular league and overlaps with the start of spirit but we're going to try to make it work.  She could use another douse of confidence and skill work coming into this late.  Her team name is Sugar N Spikes.  How cute is that?!  Her games will be on Sunday afternoons starting Sept 14th. That's all I know right now, the sites will be determined. She was kind of chickening out on soccer and I decided with the clinic, volleyball and Girls on the Run is in the fall this year, that was enough activities.  So those who I sent the soccer schedule to, disregard!
Jace is taking the fall off of sports, a blessing in disguise as his sister has taken over!  He also decided he no longer wants to be in Boy Scouts.  I think a lot had to do with his den and the kids being unruly.  His den leader stepped down for this year too.  In actuality, besides selling popcorn that he can't eat... we do a lot of the activities as a family anyway.  I take them out into nature a few times a year, we do projects and art together and I make him cook.  I don't think he's missing out on too much with the decision.
I think we're caught up now.  The kids are in TX with mom and Lori. Jace is having a fun time having his turn as "the cool older kid" with Harper.  Jace took a couple of his old electronics to him, a leap frog learning game and his very first "Game Boy" he bought at a garage sale when he wasn't much older than Harper.  The Game Boy is actually closer to Lori's era, nice and antique :)
School starts Aug 12th!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rayna's Birthday Party

Here are the highlights from Rayna's pool party.  We had 3 birthday's in 1 this year, Rayna's friend Morgan and Morgan's brother Tyler all celebrated together.  Even with 3 parties we didn't fill the pool.  It was a really good time, I'm confident everyone enjoyed themselves!  As always you can click on the pictures to see them larger.
Rayna opening her gifts at the playground before swimming

Everyone waiting for the pool to let us in

3 Muskateers Jace's special guests, Kade and Krew

Morgan trying to convince herself to jump

She jumped

almost in

Brody with style


Here's THE event of the night.  Last year at Rayna's party, Jace was ____ this much too short to go off the platform tower.  He would not drop it, he was so mad!  He's been planning on jumping off this tower for 12 months!  He's questioned his doctor if he's SURE he's not 48 inches tall yet... he just MUST be in time for Rayna's party!  Well guess what... he is barely tall enough and got to do it.  Here is the decent into the water...

Notice in this picture how he is going to land butt first.  This is not the most efficient way to break surface tension of the water.  It's hard lesson in physics for an 8 year old.  As soon as the lifeguard saw this she jumped up and put her whistle in her mouth.  She obviously thought he'd be too hurt to swim.  But that tough little bugger came up and said OUCH and made it to the side.  He then told me how bad that hurt his butt and he's never doing that again.  We'll have to watch some Youtube videos about diving and entering the water with the smallest part of your body :)

Rayna jumped from the tower twice herself.  She too had similar experiences.  Unfortunately I was socializing and missed the photo ops.  She slapped her arms on the surface of the water really hard and they were burnt red for the rest of the night.  She said twice is enough until next year.
All and all it was a successful party!